QUALIGON Mobile Audit Centre - QMAC


You need support in the evaluation of products, services and processes by analysing ad-hoc reactions and emotions of interviewed participants?
QUALIGON Mobile Audit Center - QMAC represents QUALIGON´s solution for quality surveys and audits, i.e. customer journeys in mobile and stationary scenarios with the following advantages:

  • Usage of smartphones and tablets as intelligent questionnaires
  • Multi-channel transmission of feedback given by participating customers.
  • Direct upload of the assessed data to the server
  • Shortened analysis time by usage of industry-proven BI solutions
  • Correlation and analysis of subjective and technical data.
  • Coverage of customer-relevant processes by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Please refer also to ETSI STF 374 dealing with customer experience in telecommunications.
  • Support of mobile platforms e.g. Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry as well as desktop systems.