Matrix SIM Switchbox - MSSB

Matrix SIM Switchbox - MSSB - Overview for the versions 32x1 and 8x4

QUALIGON's Matrix SIM SwitchBox MSSB features intelligent technologies to manage up to 32 SIM cards and up to 4 modems or handsets simultaneously on the size of a DIN A5 page (15 x 22 cm). The complete control is done via USB or an REST API using a network connection in LAN mode.

Based on its master / slave architecture with up to 8 modules, each containing up to 4 SIMs, this configuration offers the highest grade of flexibility. Select according to your needs between the versions:

  • MSSB 4x1 multiplexing 4 SIMs to 1 device,
  • MSSB 8x4 multiplexing 8 SIMs to 4 devices,
  • MSSB 16x2 multiplexing 16 SIMs to 2 devices and 
  • MSSB 32x1 multiplexing 32 SIMs to 1 device,. 

LOCAL and LAN Setup

All MSSB can be ordered for LOCAL or LAN setup. For local or direct access you can can control MSSB via the USB interface. In remote setups, you can control the MSSB device also via LAN and use the graphical user interface or HTTP commands to select the SIMs. MSSB 4x1 can be controlled via bluetooth for easier usage.

Test Automation

Matrix SIM Switchbox adapts perfectly to your test automation processes. Our system is tested in Perfecto CQ Lab and Experitest Seetest environments. You can control MSSB with commands directly from your development system.


  • Real SIM switching, no SIM virtualisation
  • Full access to SIMs supported
  • Host based switching of mobiles in testing scenarios
  • Ready for usage in the MobileCloud™ test system from Perfecto 
  • Implementation of “always-on” systems with redundant access to mobile networks
  • Assurance of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication via network selection

Further information: MSSB-Key Features, MSSB- Admin