Test Systems


Our specialty is to focus on new technologies, new areas, new services, to open them up for professional quality considerations. For this reason we concentrated on the emerging  area of smartphone based QoS testing throughout the last years. Our featured product here is QTS, the QUALIGON Test Suite for testing QoS on smartphone platforms. Within this suite, multiple different services and their QoS testcases are supported.
If we see special needs and requirements that cannot be fulfilled by off-the-shelf products, we enable ourselves and develop tailored hardware solutions. One example is our Matrix SIM Switchbox MSSB, a USB-controllable 8x4 - 32x1 SIM switcher. Since customer experience is also our area of interest and expertise, we developed the QUALIGON Mobile Audit Centre QMAC. It’s our tool to gather the valuable impulsive feedback of your customers, reflecting their emotions.

APHIS supports you in detecting thermal anomalies of persons and is part or our products for pandemic situations.

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