The Perfecto system for distributed remote mobile testing makes use of so called CQ Labs or previously known as MobileClouds™. CQ Lab provides full control over attached real mobiles which are working in real networks. On the user’s side, the control facility is nothing more than a web browser. But full control means: You see immediately what you are doing with the remote device. And you have everything in hands to handle the device as if it is physically in your hands!


The biggest advantage of the CQ Lab concept is that different installations all over the world can be used in composite testcases. Roaming scenarios, service testing, service monitoring, device acceptance and many more scenarios can be implemented easily and are under full remote control.


To improve this convenient situation further, Perfecto allows to implement automated testcases and executions natively. The concept is made available as a plugin to other technologies, e.g. as plugins to Jenkins, Selenium, Appium, RemoteWebDriver, Teamcity, MS Foundation Server. The ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) environment of HP, using  QuickTest Professional (QTP) script language can also be used.