Continuous Quality Services

Continuous quality table with characteristics 

By now Continuous Quality is so close and your CQ Lab is evolving. The final step is to increase release frequency, platform coverage and test automation even more. You'll also need to leverage your CI Tools so you can automate testing during your build cycles. Our Professional Services team is ramped up to help and our Continuous Quality packaged service is the final and most important step in achieving continuous quality. Your managed testing lab awaits you. 



We will train your team to develop robust automated test code for functional and non-functional test coverage, link it to industry-leading CI tools, and assure flawless unattended execution. Training covers advanced topics such as deploying apps from builds to real devices and triggering automated functional testing, and non-functional testing.


 Framework Optimization

QUALIGON’s experts review your mobile app, existing framework, and testing needs. The framework is evaluated for CI-readiness, performance, reliability, and modularity. Our experts will then provide code samples, guidance, and best practices to help your team extend their framework to mobile.


Framework Implementation

Our team will introduce your team to frameworks designed with mobile apps in mind but that also support the testing of desktop web apps. The frameworks are optimized for CI-readiness, performance, reliability, and modularity. We teach your team how to build tests based on the framework as well as how to maintain it.


Automation Boot Camp

QUALIGON’s experts assist your team as they build their first 10 automated test scripts using Selenium, Appium, UFT or our native automation. Scripts that we help your team develop will be CI-ready and optimized for performance, reliability, and modularity.


UFT to Selenium / Appium 

We will help your team to convert 10 HP UFT scripts for mobile apps to Selenium or Appium using Java or C#. The scripts are optimized for performance, reliability, and modularity.


Performance Testing As A Service

QUALIGON's Performance As A Service gives customers a recurring turnkey service to run a series of performance tests on real mobile devices and networks each month.


Monitoring As A Service

 We will provide a cloud-based monitoring system with real mobile devices on carrier networks, automated scripts, reporting, and services to create scripts and analyze results.


CI Connect

QUALIGON’s experts connect your CI tool to the Continuous Quality Lab so that each build triggers automated testing that merges the test results into the overall build report.


Health Check

 We will review your mobile app and automated tests written in Selenium, Appium, HP UFT or our native automation. The scripts are evaluated for CI-readiness, performance, reliability, and modularity. Any gaps during our discovery are immediately addressed with your team through a workshop.