Quality seems to be an abstract field. But in most cases quality discussions end up in only one question: How can I be sure that I receive something valuable for the resources I’m investing?

We transfer this question to telecommunications services: How can we assure our customers that they are receiving the expected level of services? The answer is a multiple one: You must deal with all aspects which have an influence on what we call quality. More detailed and technically speaking ,we have Quality of Service (QoS) in mind. Complementary, customer centric interpretations are a matter of Customer Experience.

Questions and Answers

  • What aspects should be made measurable? 
    We need to understand the composition of  a service as seen from the user’s point of view.
  • Which numbers do we expect to describe the quality? 
    We are talking of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Which are the boundary conditions which must be kept constant to assure comparable results?
    Benchmarking between different operators and repeated tests and measurements will be required, for sure. They have only a value if they can be compared directly.
  • What’s about abnormal situations and data health? 
    We need to care for that to avoid the falsification of results.
  • Should we deal with the underlying processes as well?
    Yes, that’s a basic key for success in more complex scenarios.
  • Which representation should we use to illustrate our findings and to convey the key messages to our different audiences? 
    Reporting and reporting management are key facts to make the complete quality story successful.
  • Why should we try to measure everything from a technical perspective? Shouldn’t we simply ask users to get their feedback? 
    Yes, subjective feedback of users paying for their services will be highly valuable, especially in a combination with objective test results.

You see the many and rich facets of quality, especially in telecommunications. Please feel free to get an impression of the different areas of Quality of Service and Customer Experience we are dealing with.