WiFi / BLE Localisation with awiloc®

Picture of WiFi / BLE indoor localisation

The awiloc® positioning algorithm can use different communication networks, e.g. WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It is possible for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to generate their position in indoor and urban environments without the need of any communication to a backend processing system, e.g. server.  The usage of existing satellite bases localisation systems, e.g. GPS, Galileo can be seamlessly integrated in applications. 


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Tags and Localisation Accuracy

Our analysis shows that location accuracies of 1 m in 50% of the cases can be achieved with BLE Tags covering 60 - 100 square meter. Parameters impacting the resulting localization accuracies are e.g. the geometry of the area, the height and number of obstacles, e.g. walls, machines, shelves or dynamic objects, e.g. fork lifts, cranes. 

Depending on these parameters it might be necessary to adapt the number and positions of the tags in order to provide a reliable signal coverage.

 Technology Partner

QUALIGON is partner of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (FIIS) and member of the awiloc® alliance. We are offering turnkey projects with enhanced services.