Ultra-Wideband Localisation

Ultra-wideband scenario

Indoor Localisation use cases requiring a high positioning precision o a high frequency of position updates gain from the ultra-wideband technology (UWB). UWB is a Real-time localisation system (RTLS) and based on the detection of a sensor tag by a number anchors, depending on the use case. The system is using the 3 GHz – 7 GHz frequency range and offers position updates up to every 10ms. The RTLS is working with a Decawave Chipset using a Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA) to calculate the position.

The system can be deployed for high precision positioning (up 10 cm) in outdoor and indoor environments. 


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In a real-time location system (RTLS), anchors are electronic devices that detect UWB signals emitted by mobile UWB Tags and forward them to the location server for calculating tag positions. As different buildings and halls bring different anchor requirements, we use different anchor types to choose the right anchor combination to meet with our customer needs. 

Ultra-wideband anchors for precise localisation 





Tags are small electronic devices that are attached to objects that need to be tracked. The tags send out signal that are received by anchors and forwarded to the location server for calculating the tags’ position. RTLS Tags are used for asset tracking, vehicle tracking, material flow analysis and employee location tracking for safety reasons.

Ultra-wideband mobile tags for precise localisation