Ultra-Wideband Localisation

Ultra-wideband scenario

Indoor Localisation use cases requiring a high positioning precision o a high frequency of position updates gain from the ultra-wideband technology (UWB). UWB is a Real-time localisation system (RTLS) and based on the detection of a sensor tag by a number anchors, depending on the use case. The system is using the 3 GHz – 7 GHz frequency range and offers position updates up to every 10ms. The RTLS is working with a Decawave Chipset using a Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA) to calculate the position.

The system can be deployed for high precision positioning (up 10 cm) in outdoor and indoor environments. 


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Ultra-wideband anchor


Anchor is a referential device with a known position. A set of anchors creates location infrastructure where tags are being located





Ultra-wideband tag


Tag is an active mobile locator. Its position is reported within selected refresh rate. Tracked objects need to be equipped with this device.