Indoor Location Technology

Bluetooth and WiFi based Localisation

awiloc® represents a indoor localisation technology developed by the German Fraunhofer Institute and enables you to identify your position in 3D. It uses WiFi and Bluetooth access points to determine the location information with a very high accuracy. It is suited especially but not restricted to indoor scenarios and can run on Android and iOS based smartphones, tablets and other devices.

awiloc® is compliant with data protection regulations and works completely stand-alone and offline on the used device.

Ultra Wideband Localisation

Ultra-Wideband (UWB) localisation is used in usecases, where the usage of smartphones is not suitable or where the position information is needed for process optimisations. QUALIGON uses UWB systems in  industrial and logistic scenarios requiring often demand this technology. With the usage of fixed anchors and moving tags is is possible to achieve position accuracies of up to 10 cm.