Indoor Localisation

Indoor Location Usecases by QUALIGON

QUALIGON offers turnkey localisation projects for shopping centers, museums, airports, office buildings and industrial environments based on different technologies, such as Ultra-Wideband (UWB), LoRa WAN, MIOTY and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). 


WiFi / BLE box

WiFI / Bluetooth LE localisation can be used for human navigation use cases. Customer can use smartphones and tablets as positioning devices. We use awiloc technology from  Fraunhofer IIS, Nuremberg.



Ultra wideband box.

Ultra-wideband (UWB) localisation offers high precision positioning, e.g in asset tracking use cases. Positions are generated in a backend system. We use UWB technology from Sewio Networks.



We support you in realising complete localisation solutions with location based analytics and enable you to offer high accuracy localisation and navigation services gaining the maximum of the collected data by our advanced cloud-based localisation intelligence system in combination with sophisticated scenario-specific geo-fencing applications.

Localization technology and service layer architecture

Rely on our expertise to select the perfect localisation system depending on  your requirements. QUALIGON combines proved localisation systems for human navigation systems up to asset tracking systems, enhanced localisation services and sophisticated business intelligence services,.