QUALIGON is a B2B company. We focus and treat topics on quality from the customer´s point of view. Based on the individual needs of our clients we make use of the following portfolio of methods:

  • Design quality concepts
  • Implementation of quality concepts
  • Assessment of quality data by audits and test campaigns
  • Analysis of assessed quality data
  • Elimination of identified quality deficits by optimisation measures


Express Quality is our vision. This comprises visualisation, expression and presentation together with up-to-datedness, speed and dynamism.


We enable our customers to achieve permanently the aspired quality level.

Core Business

Customised products and services in the business areas of quality of services, quality of processes, customer perception, indoor localisation services and SIM-switching.


The company´s name QUALIGON is derived from the words quality and gon, the Greek word for angle. QUALIGON can be interpreted as a body, expressing the quality.

Social Responsibility

QUALIGON takes social responsibility and supports the German child protection agency (Deutscher Kinderschutzbund).