• ecom Logo of partner ECOM
    Our partner for service testing and industry projects in hazardous or EX areas.




  • EXASOLLink to partner Exasol
    Our partner for high performance data bases and analytics.




  • ExperitestLink to partner Experitest
    With Experitest, you can create and run Appium, Selenium, XCUITest & Espresso tests against 2,000+ real mobile devices and web browsers globally.







  • NoccelaLogo of our partner Noccela
    Our partner for real time localisation systems (RTLS) using UWB ToF technology.




  • PerfectoLogo of our partner Perfecto
    Perfecto is a cloud platform for DevOps teams to achieve continous testing and accelarate delivery of web, mobile, and IoT apps.







  • SOLUMLogo of our partner SoluM
    Our partner for electronic shelf label (ESL) or e-labels.