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Pilot UWB Localisation System in Retail

QUALIGON installed an ultra-wideband - UWB - real-time localisation system from Sewio Networks in retail. The system will be evaluated and analysed during the pilot phase together with our customer. The localisation area comprises more than 5.000 square meter. Special focus is set on the business intelligence and the KPI calculation. 

Certified Provider Performance for QUALIGON

QUALIGON received a Certified Provider Performance for a project by Impacore. Client was a leading company in the insurance industry. The achieved level was “VERY GOOD”. Project goals were the execution of a change process, the implementation of early and automated testing in software development to achieve faster and higher quality software development.



Certified Provider Performance Picture

Software Testing Project in Financial Sector

QUALIGON is performing an automated software testing project for a global bank.  The task comprises training of the client's automation teams to enable them for testing of web and mobile apps inside the Perfecto environment. On top, the integration of HP ALM with Perfecto was implemented.