News Overview

Upgrade of our SIM SwitchBox MSSB 4x1

QUALIGON has released an upgraded of a member of its MSSB SIM-switching family. The Matrix SIM Switchbox 4x1 is the small solution for SIM switching. The box can switch up to 4 SIMs to one device and was developed for the needs of our customers having portable device. MSSB 4x1 can be controlled via bluetooth and offers also a power bank for device charging. This supports you in daily testing scenarios. Furthermore it can be controoled via USB  protocol in binary or text mode, and also via REST-API or via web interface. Due to its low cost, this MSSB is the ideal entry level for SIM switching.

Software Testing Project in Insurance Sector

QUALIGON is performing an automated software testing project for a leading company in the insurance sector. The task comprises:

  • testing of web apps and mobile apps with Selenium/Appium and Perfecto Mobile,
  • the development of Java-based frameworks with Cucumber, TestNG and Maven,
  • setup for parallel and serial execution of test cases,
  • perfoming tests in different environments like the Perfecto Mobile cloud and the    Selenium-Box,
  • implementation of a Continuous Integration environment,
  • prototyping automated testing in mainframe and SAP-driven environments,
  • training and consulting of client's developer teams and test teams.