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Software Testing Project in Insurance Sector

QUALIGON is performing an automated software testing project for a leading company in the insurance sector. The task comprises:

  • testing of web apps and mobile apps with Selenium/Appium and Perfecto Mobile,
  • the development of Java-based frameworks with Cucumber, TestNG and Maven,
  • setup for parallel and serial execution of test cases,
  • perfoming tests in different environments like the Perfecto Mobile cloud and the    Selenium-Box,
  • implementation of a Continuous Integration environment,
  • prototyping automated testing in mainframe and SAP-driven environments,
  • training and consulting of client's developer teams and test teams.

QUALIGON at MEORGA Industry Fair 2017

QUALIGON is exhibiting its industrial indoor localisation solutions based on ultra-wideband (UWB), bluetooth low energy (BLE) and WiFI at the MEORGA fair in Braunschweig, Germany on 13 September 2017. QUALIGON is hosted on the booth number "L1" of its partner TecTraderSolution GmbH.

Get an impression of our live ultra-wideband localisation showcase based on Sewio Networks UWB system.



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