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10th awiloc® Technology Day 2018 of Fraunhofer IIS

QUALIGON participated in the 10th awiloc® technology day 2018 organised by Fraunhofer IIS. CEO Dr.-Ing. Christoph Stepping introduced in his presentation "Quo Vadis Industria"  the current state and the challenges for indoor localisation projects in industrial environments. A survey among the participants confirmed our view of the importance of area-wide and stable mobile network coverage in industrial environments. Together with our partner TecTradeSolution we showed at our booth how indoor localisation and gas detection by image recognition work together to offer enhanced safety systems.



Picture of QUALIGON presentation at 10th awiloc technology day



High Accuracy UWB Installation for Industry Customer

QUALIGON installed a highly accurate ultra-wideband - UWB - system in an industrial environment. The customer is using the system in the production. Although the scenario and the requirements are very demanding environment, we delivered an accuracy of less than 0.20 m in the horizontal plane and less than 0.10 m in vertical axis. This enables the installation of a 3-dimensional business intelligence needed to fully digitise the production process. Internal customers can now access online insights of all goods and create documentations for the end-customers.