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UWB Localisation System Extension in Retail

QUALIGON installed an ultra-wideband - UWB - real-time localisation system from Sewio Networks in retail environment. More than 7.500 square meter of a retail market in southern Europe were equipped with UWB infrastructure after the positive evaluation of the pilot project. This project is driving the digital transformation of processes.

Leica Equipment in Localisation Projects

QUALIGON is using LEICA Geosystems equipment for high accuracy 3-dimensional measurements in localisation projects. In order to provide best accuraties in our projects we integrated the new measurement equipment directly in our processes.

Presentation at Sewio Partner Day

QUALIGON participated at Sewio Summit 2018. More than 100 experts in realtime localisation systems - RTLS - joined this event in Brno, Czech Republic. Our presentation “QUALIGON Extented Services for RTLS” included a summary about different ultra-wideband - UWB projects realised by QUALIGON and gave an overview about future extensions. Special focus was set on the achieved accuracies and the analytics. An important part was also the presentation of our business intelligence solution. Data insights are one of the main factors driving the return-on-invest of indoor localisation projects. 

Special thanks to our partner Sewio Networks for organising the event. QUALIGON is looking forward to joining also in 2019.



Picture of QUALIGON's presentation at Sewio Summit 2018