News Overview

New Ultra-Wideband Showroom at QUALIGON Premises

We launched our New showroom with a complete installation of a Sewio Networks ultra-wideband (UWB) systems at QUALIGON premises in Siegen. This room offers the possibility to introduce the real-time localisation system (RTLS) to customers and to demonstrate features in a live environment. We’re also very proud, that we have one of the first Sewio UWB showrooms with ZoneIO running. ZoneIO is a real time switching external systems triggered by the identified positions.



"Our new Showroom enables us to demonstrate the ultra-wideband RTLS system features in a real environment."
Georgios Karachos, Managing Director

QUALIGON launched QVSS a distributed SIM Multiplexer

Complementary to the Matrix SIM SwitchBox - MSSB - QUALIGON developed and launched the QUALIGON Virtual SIM Switch - QVSS -, a distributed SIM multiplexer. QVSS allows remote sharing and switching of SIMs, e.g. SIMs with special profiles, and mobiles. With QVSS you can use SIMs and mobiles more efficiently. Roaming testing is also supported. The number of SIMs and mobiles to be combined with each other is fully scalable. SIMs and mobiles are connected to a QUALIGON Box placeable at different locations and interconnected via IP. QVSS is controllable via web interface and REST API.

Software Testing Project for a Market Leader in Banking Sector

QUALIGON is performing an automated software testing project for a market leader in banking sector.  The task comprises testing of web and mobile apps and the integration of HP ALM with Perfecto. An Automation Bootcamp, training and consulting will be provided to client-teams.