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Testbed for LTE Small Cell Testing at Technical University Chemnitz

Within the research project ZIM IRAP, QUALIGON implements a testbed at the laboratory of the Technical University of Chemnitz. The testbed is intended to support the development of a new approach for LTE small cells from the quality perspective. These LTE small cells will be deployed in closed areas and provide mobile internet connectivity e.g. at industrial sites or office environements. The testbed embeds mobile devices in combination with SIM switching technologies by QUALIGON. In this setup, the Appium framework is used to control over-the-top (OTT) apps on the mobiles for traffic generation and quality assessments, while the SIM switching allows to change SIM profiles between tests. This combination provides a high flexibility and variability of the considered test scenarios. The whole setup is remotely.



Image of LTE Testbed of IRAP project

QUALIGON is now an Authorised EXASOL Partner

We are proud to announce that QUALIGON has achieved the Authorised Partner Status by EXASOL. The Exasol database is the fastest and most scalable analytic platform on the market. It is suitable to scenarios from Enterprise Data Warehousing and Advanced Analytics to BI Acceleration. All this combined with a low investments and operations costs (TCO).  



"EXASOL enables us to provide more powerful, more scalable and more advanced analytics systems for our customers. "
Georgios Karachos, Managing Director


Authorised EXASOL Partner Logo

New Ultra-Wideband Showroom at QUALIGON Premises

We launched our New showroom with a complete installation of a Sewio Networks ultra-wideband (UWB) systems at QUALIGON premises in Siegen. This room offers the possibility to introduce the real-time localisation system (RTLS) to customers and to demonstrate features in a live environment. We’re also very proud, that we have one of the first Sewio UWB showrooms with ZoneIO running. ZoneIO is a real time switching external systems triggered by the identified positions.



"Our new Showroom enables us to demonstrate the ultra-wideband RTLS system features in a real environment."
Georgios Karachos, Managing Director