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QUALIGON at MEORGA Industry Fair 2017

QUALIGON is exhibiting its industrial indoor localisation solutions based on ultra-wideband (UWB), bluetooth low energy (BLE) and WiFI at the MEORGA fair in Braunschweig, Germany on 13 September 2017. QUALIGON is hosted on the booth number "L1" of its partner TecTraderSolution GmbH.

Get an impression of our live ultra-wideband localisation showcase based on Sewio Networks UWB system.



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New Partner for UWB Localisation

We are proud to introduce our new partner Sewio Networks for ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, Sewio is providing real-time location platform for digitizing movement indoors. With this location technology combining WiFi and network connectivity and easy setup, it offers great benefits for usecases we see in our projects. QUALIGON has selected Sewio’s UWB location platform based on Decawave chipset for its great accuracy, the open interfaces and reliability. Customers can benefit from QUALIGON’s value-added localisation services and sophisticated analytics to get the most of their implementations.



"Sewio's ultra wideband technology is the perfect add-on to our portfolio of indoor localisation systems"
Georgios Karachos, Managing Director

Industrial Indoor Localisation Services

Looking for a quick overview over selected industrial indoor localisation services we are offering you can now access  in our video at YouTube. High accuracy indoor localisation systems together with 2D and 3D renderings of the scenario in combination with a powerful server platform enable us to provide you advanced services for lone worker protection, safety or asset tracking.