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QUALIGON is proud to be part of the HORIZON2020 R&D project FRACTAL founded by European Commission and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research - BMBF of Germany. The objective is to create a reliable computing node that will create a Cognitive Edge under industry standards. Our focus is the especially the protocol definition and the implementation of machine learning algorithms for different applications, e.g. customer predictions in retail and mobile network quality predictions.

Results are directly enhancing our predictive maintenance activities. 

COBOL Support

QUALIGON offers professional services for software projects using COBOL. The expertise was developed in projects in the financial sector. Please contact us for more information.

Smart Quarantining with RTLS

QUALIGON offers Smart Quarantining analytics based on Ultra-Wideband technology to our new and existent customers to support companies and organisations in Covid-19 times. The systems utilises RTLS to analyse the "social distance" between employees and to provice sophisticated reporting for internal and external auditing.